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Miniature Pug Puppies



Beautiful Little Mini Pug Puppies

Very Small and Fragile.. They are not "toys" they are live fragile babies. They will be under 6lbs when grown They are not a soft toy, even though it may appear as one. It is a living, breathing creature. Understand that even a full-grown mini pug will look like a puppy all its life, at least physically. These babies are as delicate as glass and can be easily injured and even killed. They are small that they may get stamped upon or may die under the weight of some heavy object falling over them. They are not a good choice of pet for children under 8 years of age without supervison at all times as they can easily be hurt even by being dropped,stepped on,etc. Children may handle the pug roughly or may not understand the correct way of caring for these little babies. This can lead to severe injuries and bone joint dislocation in the pug. The pug dog breed is in itself a small dog. Its small body with short legs and flat muzzle has earned this breed many names such as teacup pug, mini pugs, miniature pug and toy pugs. Though miniature pugs are rare and hard to find such a bloodline does exist

Please give great consideration that if you are intending to purchase one that you intend on giving 100% supervison to these babies at all costs...

They are sweet and playful...Lovable and kissable..

The pug dog breed is like a shadow that loves to follow its master. Miniature pugs have many similar characteristics of a average pug. This mini pug is obedient, loving, caring and sturdy in nature. They get along with the family they are living in and are always exhibit friendly gestures towards people. Miniature pug care is a vital aspect in maintaining the good health of the breed. These pugs weigh less and require a little bit more attention and care. They are delicate and need to be handled with care. If you have brought a miniature pug home, then its safety should be the primary concern. As this bloodline is fragile, minor accidents can cause great harm to them. Being a small dog, it must also be protected from cold weather as it might trigger more health problems in them. They have healthy parents which limits the health issues and give you a more healthy and a happy mini pug.

***Do not forget though, that they require lots of attention and become jealous if ***their owner ignores them ****

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